Body Arts Laboratory


Body Arts Laboratory (BAL) was founded in 2008 as a response to the cultural need for a new type of art organization to improve the future of the performing-arts environment in Japan. The organization’s mission supports the creation of works by performing artists and offers exchange opportunities between body-based artists from different generations and disciplines. BAL encourages artists to pursue their own relationship to this question,” What is the role of performing-artists in contemporary Japanese society?”

Our Programs/Activities

  • Education Program
  • Whenever Wherever Festival
  • Research/Publishing
    Artists’ Critique
  • Space Grant/Residency Program (TBA)

Body Arts Laboratory Member

Program Director: Kota Yamazaki
Program Coordinator: Miki Sato
Program Coordinator/Executive Editor: Masako Immaki
International Program Coordinator: Mina Nishimura
Festival Manager: Hazuki Homma
Development Manager: Sho Ikushima
Development Manager: Meri Otoshi
Event Manager: Natsumi Kawada
Management Assistant: Chihiro Ishiyama
Management Assistant: Kotono Sakurai
Performance Coordinator: Erina Nagai
Translator: Tomoko Maeda

Miki Sato, Masako Immaki, Natsumi Kawada
Artists’ Critique
Editor-in-Chief: Masako Immaki
Editor-in-Chief: Kota Yamazaki
Publishing/Translation Assistant: Marisa Hamamoto

Board of Directors
Daisuke Kishii
Kazco Takemoto
Hiroshi Tsutsumi
Natsuko Tezuka
Daisuke Muto
Yun Myung Hee

Artist Advisory Council
Minoru Ide
Kim Ito
Yuko Okubo
Kakuya Ohashi
Shinichi Takashima
Hiroko Tasaka
Tomomi Tanabe
Yoko Higashino

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