Body Arts Laboratory


Body Arts Laboratory (BAL) was founded in 2008 as a response to the cultural need for a new type of art organization to improve the future of the performing-arts environment in Japan. The organization’s mission supports the creation of works by performing artists and offers exchange opportunities between body-based artists from different generations and disciplines. BAL encourages artists to pursue their own relationship to this question,” What is the role of performing-artists in contemporary Japanese society?”

Our Programs/Activities

  • Education Program
  • Whenever Wherever Festival
  • Research/Publishing
    Artists’ Critique
  • Space Grant/Residency Program (TBA)

Body Arts Laboratory Member

Program Director:
Kota Yamazaki
Kanako Iwanaka
Toshikatsu Kiuchi
Keitaro Sawabe
Kei Shichiri
Mina Nishimura
Mari Fukutome
Yutaro Murakoso
Rick Yamakawa
Masako Immaki