ハラスメントは、個人の人権を侵害する不当な行為であり、創造や研究のための環境を著しく損なう行為です。Whenever Wherever Festivalは、個人の尊厳と安全を脅かすあらゆる人権侵害やハラスメントを容認しません。そして、本フェスティバル、団体の活動においても、ハラスメントを発生させないよう努めます。


Whenever Wherever Festival 2023主催

Harassment Prevention Declaration

There have been a number of accusations of sexual violence and harassment in the cultural arts community. Harassment is an unjustified violation of an individual’s human rights and an act that seriously undermines the environment for creation and research.
The Whenever Wherever Festival will not tolerate any human rights violations or harassment that threatens the dignity and safety of any individual, and will make every effort to ensure that harassment does not occur in the festival or in the activities of the organization.

February 2023

Whenever Wherever Festival 2023,
Organized by Body Arts Laboratory